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Asker ilm126: Would it be ok if I use the some part of the audio for my animation (possible PIRL). The scene would be at the beginning of episode 1 of the conversation between Maripony HQ & Fillydelphia HQ.

Yes.  All we ask is that you credit the radioplay and voice actors accordingly.

Asker Anonymous: I wanted to ask you about voiceacting roles, but I can't seem to find the FAQ (if you had one to begin with, that is). I ask this because my fiance wants to do some voiceacting and is a big adorkable brony :P

We get that question often.  While the named roles are pretty much filled right now, there are some episodes where we will ask for external voices to help us create diversity in the roles.  We had a casting call for episode 3 a while ago, but episode 4 does not have an abundance of roles that need to be filled.  We might be asking for external VAs starting episode 5 or 6.

So keep on a lookout in our updates.

September Update

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of communication over the last couple months.  We’ve been making progress on the backend to create scripts and record VA lines for episodes 4.  While we wait for the final pieces for episode 3, we are continuing on to later episodes.  We have created several future episode scripts ready for voice actors.

We hope everyone has a good weekend, and when we move to the editing phase of episode 3, we will let you know.


Youtube and Copyright Claims on Derivatives of our Work

Long time no see!  To briefly summarize what’s going on with episode 3 and beyond: We are awaiting lines for episode 3 due to IRL things that take priority. Our other teams, however, are hard at work generating scripts and working on casting for episode 4.  Episode 4 is sparse for characters, so, unfortunately, there isn’t going to be a casting call for it. Perhaps episode 5 will have more parts?  We will see.

We have been shown copyright takedowns on Youtube for videos using our audio for their own projects.  We encourage and fully support this as long as we are credited.  Sadly, big corporations (or trolls) are interpreting our SFX as their own (in this case the wind at the end of episode 1).

For clarification, EBC has its own Foley team and sound engineers.  We create our own SFX just like they do in the industry.  If we need a particular SFX we can’t capture, we gather third-party SFX under Creative Commons and verify it to be free for use.  Our music is generated in-house by a handful of musicians.  The majority of the audio is of our own creation, and we are totally non-commercial.  We don’t even collect ad revenue.

For organizations or copyright trolls looking to take our or our fans’ derivative (foreign language dubs) down for matched audio, understand that we explicitly make sure our content is legal to use.

Thank you all for your support.  It means a lot to us that such talented people want to build off our own work.

Asker Anonymous: The4thaggie, hi. I sent you an email a few days ago, enquiring about the possibility of helping with writing/coordinating/editing the play. Unfortunately, the only email address I could find is the one for auditions. I know you're very busy on episode 3, but if an extra pair of hands is needed for anything, I'd love to help, and I'd appreciate it if you could let me know either way. Thanks. -EART1

Apologies for a late reply (perhaps…. Tumblr doesn’t show dates).  We were supposed to close off writing and editing auditions before the Ep. 3 VA auditions, but I didn’t make a post stating that publicly so they were open up to the point when we closed them all off.

We did get a few writers and an editor through the process.  If you were unable to audition for an editing spot this time, please send us a request in the next time we call for editors!


Asker Anonymous: Do you know where Atticus is?

Afraid not.  In the western hemisphere?

Asker Anonymous: Have you guys ever thought about making a blooper reel?

Yes we have actually, but we haven’t gotten around to it.  I don’t think there is much in the way of blooper content because the VAs usually cut the audio themselves.  


Asker Anonymous: When is the video coming out?

Argodaemon’s video adaptation of the final scenes of the first episode should release in a week or two publicly.  It was shown at Bronycon during the SFM panel, but he needs to do some last minute corrections he noticed.  We will link it when he releases it.

Thanks for the question!


EBC Weekly - Guest Auditions Closed and Bronycon Panel

Good morning, everypony! It’s been a while since we last did an update, but we’ve finally got all of the guest voice actors chosen. The team thanks everyone who submitted an audition. There was some good talent in the pool. Unfortunately, we could only pick a few of you. We will most likely do this again in following episodes. Some of you — who were not picked for a role this episode — may have gotten a critique. We hope you took it as constructive criticism and useful for your development as a voice actor. Please do not get discouraged. We thank you for the time and effort you put forth to make the radioplay even better. You are always welcome to send in auditions when we ask for them.

We would also like to note that we have closed the editing and script team tryouts as well.  We’ve received a few new additions that are hard at work generating scripts and training to edit episodes together.  We thank all who tried out as well.

In other news, EBC will be hosting a panel at Bronycon this year! Join us Friday August 1st @4:15PM in STAR room for “From Pen to Program: A Radioplay Adaptation”. Several of us, including the star of the show will be on the panel to talk about adapting a written story into a radioplay. It will highlight the techniques we use.

Finally, we want to publicly congratulate Rina-chan (Homage) on getting the role of Twilight Sparkle and Spike in the upcoming Power Ponies mobile game from Hasbro. We’re honored to have her and the rest of our talented VAs on the team.

Hopefully, we’ll see you at Bronycon. If not, join us for a recap of the panel post-con.


Open-Audition Note: Keep a copy of your files just in case

Just a reminder.  If you are interested in auditioning for any of the roles from the audition script (in the last EBC Weekly), be sure you keep a copy of the file locally.  Just in case something happens, we don’t want you losing your hard work :D.